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we only charge based on results

For companies that need growth, our performance based charge model ensures you that we always work in your best interest when we invest your budget for new business opportunities. No results, no charge - we will pay for your ads, too.

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How Does

Performance Marketing Work?

Step 1
You Define Results & Quota

Whether you need more leads or e-commerce transactions, let us know how many more you need each month.

Step 2

We use multiple marketing tactics to hit the monthly quota. All ad spend and human hours are paid with our capital.

Step 3
We Audit The Results

We track all inbound email and call inquiries so that we can filter out the inquiries that are generated by us.

Step 4
You Pay For The Results

On the month-end, you pay for the results that we generate, not the ads or our services. No results, no charge.

I don’t know how they did it, but basically we just turned over control of our entire website to them and, in a short amount of time, they totally improved our business......We are completely swamped with work because of The Coding Bull......To put it simply, The Coding Bull is f**king excellent.

Ron Jones
All Painting Ltd.
How Will

we improve your business?

Constant Growth

Gettig new leads or purchases at a predictable rate, so you can expand confidently

Company Planning

With predictable growth, you can hire new talent and give them enough work to make you profit

No Wastage & No Risk

Marketing budget will not be wasted on fales hopes given by your account manager


Our team handles all aspects of the marketing strategy, so we are accountable for the results
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We helped businesses like yours grow

Image Optometry

$8,042,693 revenue
increase in 9 quarters

125% business growth,
from 14 to 19 Locations
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Action Athletic Wear

4 To 6 Sales People

173% business growth,
and 8.6x return on their
marketing budget
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All Painting

$472,000 revenue
increase in 9 months

213% business growth,
from 1 to 3 estimators
Learn More
Hilltop Plumbing

$676,833 revenue
increase in 13 months

206% business growth, from 4 to 13 trucks
Learn More
Snap Fitness

Gym is fully occupied

155.3% business growth,
and 8.7x return on their marketing budget
Learn More
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Why Us

Our credentials

Our attitude is what marks us out, what makes us distinct. Unlike other companies, we believe that business owners should only pay for marketing campaigns that actually work. That means concrete results: more leads, more revenue, more growth. It's a risk-free proposition: if our strategies don't generate the outcomes you want, we don't charge you for them. But we think our success speaks for itself.

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It’s been amazing. You know how I said the winters are our biggest months. May is now our biggest month. It’s crazy. Like I’m not kidding. It’s insane. I have to thank you,master bull!

Dustin L.
Hilltop Plumbing & Heating
Before Performance Marketing

You Need A Strong Conversion Funnel

Before fuelling a digital marketing campaign with advertising spend, you should have a proper setup (also known as conversion funnel) to maximize the return on the ad spend. A strong conversion funnel is developed with these 4 items:


A marketing strategy isn’t just a blueprint for your site’s success. It is central to your entire marketing campaign. The Coding Bull will carefully analyze your business, its competitors, target audience, and marketplace in order to develop a strategy that - once executed - will boost your website's traffic. We will also bring new features to your site that convert that traffic into paying customers.


Visual identities matter. They underpin the creative direction of your website and, therefore, of your business’s brand visuals. That’s where our design expertise comes in. Our designers will come up with a logo that perfectly encapsulates the values and ambition of your company. On the other hand, if you don’t have the budget for a logo, that’s fine too. We will allow your website to set the trajectory of your design.

You are protected by our No Gain No Pain policy.


Your customers aren’t interested in your ‘passion’ or years of experience. What they want to know is how you can solve the problem that confronts them. At The Coding Bull, we understand that, which is why we maintain a singular focus on one thing: What do you do better than any of your competitors? What is your unique selling proposition? We will identify what makes your company special and custom-build your entire sales pitch around it.


A badly designed website is a like a badly designed logo: lethal for the company that owns it. In addition to being slick and super easy to navigate, the websites we design exist for one reason: to execute your website strategy. We will ensure that your site reflects the aesthetic values of your company, facilitates user experience, and converts users into customers. That’s what it's there for - and that’s what we’ll make it do.

You are protected by our No Gain No Pain policy.

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